25 April 2014

Random on a Friday

What Molly calls a photo dump, ours from January and February this year, ice and snow days. And one at the end of a very proud little boy who is figuring out how to read and write.

26 February 2014

Random on a Wednesday

-I just realized today that my dear, sweet puppies are 14 and 9 years old. I suppose they don't really qualify as puppies anymore. I wonder when we should start thinking about getting a real puppy (read: 3-5 yr old) to keep these old girls young and agile. And how sane is it to consider a third dog when I can barely contain the 2 small humans in my charge?
-On the way home from the restaurant tonight Sam asked where rocks come from. I was happy to talk to him about the three types of rock (Dad would be proud I remembered), however I couldn't remember how metamorphic rocks were formed (Dad would be scowling). Luckily Sam gave me until tomorrow morning to figure it out, and gave me a few rocks that I need to identify in the mean time as well. This is my favorite type of home schooling, on the fly.
-At the restaurant tonight my kids were those kids, the ones you watch from your own quiet table and silently wonder if they were raised by wolves. In my defense we were dining at a cheap pizza buffet ($15 for all four of us to eat and drink), but I am aware that does not entirely excuse my children laying in the middle of the floor, climbing over the booths, or laying down on the middle of the table. The second time they tripped up the only waiter we decided it was time to leave a big tip and leave.
-One fell asleep on the way home, the other is currently going strong.
-Today was my first time at the 'lady' doctor in almost eight years. Well except for those two times I was pregnant, and I think they were more concerned with the babies those times. The entire family came with me today, which is an experience everyone should try once, really. The dear hubby had to tag along because the midwives were taking my blood, and I pass out when anyone takes my blood. The dear children tagged along because the dogs are not good babysitters. Two and a half hours later and I think I've caught up on 8 years worth of exams and blood tests. Awaiting results on a possibly dodgy thyroid and various other electrolytes and vitamins.
-I haven't sat down at the computer in weeks. The warmer weather has dragged me outside forcing me to dig holes in the yard, rake leaves over the compost, and plan, plan, plan for spring blooms. Also I shoved our computer back against the wall and put a sewing machine in front of it. My sewing project (a lined cape for Super Sam) is slow going, but my plans for outside are actually materializing. Ten holes (3ftx3ft) for blueberry plants are almost done, compost and peat moss ready to mix in when planting; gardenias, camellias, hellebore, and wormwood moved around into their proper places; arugula and pea shoots emerging from the soil, alongside the garlic plants that have managed to survive the polar vortex; pig manure kindly donated and hauled home, ready to spread on the garden as soon as the soil is dry enough to plow; chicken coop plans finalized and 10 chicks pre-ordered and coming home on May 1st (Barred Rock and Black Australorps).
-I took a chicken butchering class this weekend and I killed a chicken. With moral support from some of the other ladies there, getting a bit upset and maybe crying for just a split second, I ended the life of my chicken (named Phyllis Diller by those with a good sense of humor). That was the hard part, but then the actual butchering began and there was a certain skill to it that I can honestly say I enjoyed. It wasn't messy at all (we were taught to skin the chicken rather than to pluck it), everything inside the chicken was amazingly well contained (almost as if by design!), and it all went very smoothly.  I don't want to continue butchering chickens but I'm glad that I know how to.
-And now I'm wasting precious moments when both children are soundly asleep (#2 finally gave up), moments when I should be sipping wine and knitting or watching t.v. shows that are not animated or just laying in the middle of the floor and enjoying the silence. Good night!

This Polish is what my butchered chicken looked like:

This Barred Rock is what some of my laying hens will look like:

20 December 2013

September 22nd was a good day to be outside

Cleaning off the camera and reliving the warm, sunny days of late September.

Mom rocking the freckles

A girl and her tractor

Making the spluttering sounds of a tractor engine, Sam taught her well

So much that I love, family, dogs, green growing things

Needing some love after a bump

Gotta lose the pants if you're going to play outside

Might as well lose the shirt as well

Mud, always mud

Naked in mud, I don't think he gets any happier

My view from the swing

My other view from the swing

Time for lunch

05 November 2013


The final wall color we decided on, along with some slight modifications courtesy of Sam

My favorite time of day, sun blazing through the windows, warm and peaceful

My favorite time of day for a few more reasons as well....

Cozy view from the bed, perfect for enjoying an afternoon nap

These people I love